Belgium Cities


With three official languages (Flemish, French and German) and a perfect location at the heart of Europe, Belgium is a culturally diverse country with a rich and varied history and an understated sophistication which makes it a charming country to visit.

It boasts a wealth of spectacular architecture, with many of its oldest buildings listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The renowned grand squares of Brussels, Bruges and several other Belgian cities never fail to impress.

Belgium also has a proud tradition of fine art and the works of many well known artists, from medieval masters such as Van Eyck to modern surrealists like Magritte, can be viewed in the numerous art galleries and museums across the country.

For lovers of the outdoors, Belgium's beautiful countryside offers a range of things to do. Hiking, mountain-biking and canoeing are popular activities in the rolling hills and valleys of Ardennes, while the flatlands and canals of the North provide great opportunities for more leisurely pastimes such as cycling and walking.

Most of all, Belgians know how to enjoy life to the full - their world-famous beers, chocolates, waffles, mussels, frites and fine cuisine are testament to this. It's never difficult to find a great place to eat or drink in any Belgian town or city and visitors are always spoilt for choice.